"Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself."

COCO Chanel

Thank you for your interest in viewing my boudoir gallery. 

Please note that these photos are of real clients who stepped outside of their everyday daily lives to experience a time of personal reflection. They faced insecurities, they embraced the size and shape of their bodies, they shared their stories, and of course, they had a fantastic session full of laughs, as well as possible tears.

Before every session, I discuss what direction my clients are looking to travel – some are doing this for themselves, perhaps after a divorce, others do it for a gift to their husbands, and all of them are doing this to see themselves empowered by their inner strength.  Which some didn’t even know they had until they meet my team and me.

We don’t just do this to support our families – we do it to support all women. xoxo – Kelly

"I can't stop thinking about my experience with you. Thank you, Kelly. You've changed my life more than you realize."

- Joelle -

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