how to prepare for a boudoir session

How To Prepare For A Boudoir Session

1. Make A Plan

This is a gift to yourself. Treat it like one and plan out what you want to wear, the style of images you are hoping to create during your session, make a wishlist on Pinterest. Nothing sucks out the fun more than feeling rushed or unorganized. If you need help with let us know, we might be able to get our hands on it for you.

2. What To Do About Your Nails

As long as you have your nails neat and clean that will go a long way. If you normally get your nails done I suggest doing so a couple of days prior to your boudoir session. This will give you a finished, polished look. During your boudoir photoshoot I will focus in on your wedding ring if you are married for a few special images. Let me know if your partner has a foot fetish so we can highlight your little piggies in a couple fun ways, too. 

3. What To Do With Your Hair

I ask myself this exact question daily – LOL! Just make sure you come to the studio with clean dry hair if you are having our amazing Destinee style your look for your boudoir session. She has everything at her makeup/hair station to fancy you up for your boudoir photoshoot.

If you are wondering if you should have it cut, colored or altered in a major way than your normal style, please do within a reasonable time frame that isn’t right before your boudoir session. If you want to add extensions, change your color or have questions regarding your hair, please feel free to contact Destinee. She is amazing and has been in the business forever.

4. Do Not Go Sun Tanning

Let me repeat myself. DO NOT GO SUN TANNING before your boudoir photoshoot. So many women think they need to get a nice layer of color prior to the session. This is a myth and your gorgeous white pale legs are fantastic! The real issue is when you tan or use that fake tan in a bottle at the store it WILL leave streaks and unevenness in your images. Your body will highlight the orange hue especially with my studio lighting. Trust me on this – please do not touch the tanning before you have your boudoir session. What happens if you choose to ignore my pleas… well I will still photograph you, however you have been warned, and unfortunately the standard retouch will not account for spray tan correction, so just keep that in mind. Plus, we live in Minnesota – we’re all a little pale LOL.

5. What Outfits To Bring

Plan on bringing at least 5 outfits. If you are anything like me you change your mind even though you were dead set on what you were thought you liked. If you are having a hard time figuring out what outfits would look good on your body type, or for the style of photo you are hoping to create let us know. Again, we are here to help you. There is a client closet that allows you to have more options, too. We also have a selection of lingerie in our Muddy Flowers Boutique at the studio for you to purchase. If you would like to discuss what is available, please contact Elisabeth.

6. Eat Light Prior To The Session

Nothing says “Hey Girl You Look Sexy” more than a bloated belly!! A light breakfast or lunch is a good idea for the day of your session. We do have a small fridge in the studio if you want to bring a snack for longer session time frames. Also, the poses you find yourself doing for these stunning images can be a touch demanding on your muscles. You might be more surprised by the sensitivity your body will feel the next day. So be kind to your body and keep it simple.

7. A Good Attitude

Leave all your stresses, overwhelming to-do list, and all the hats you wear, at the door. Your boudoir session is about being yourself. The person you are not what you do throughout the day is having a special day, so don’t let your responsibilities get in the way of your me time. Also, if you have been told you are not enough or any other toxic lies about your worth, please hear me loud and clear that is not truth. You have been created to be loved and to love others. Your worth is valued at Muddy Flowers Boudoir.

xoxo – Kelly

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