This Is Your Time To Be You

The Muddy Flowers Boudoir Experience




Oh My... yes

No Judgement Here

Are you shy and feel uncomfortable with the way you look? Are you expecting a baby or maybe it’s your 5th baby (I have 7)? Do you like men or women? Are you over 40 – 50 or 60? Are you a freak in the bedroom? If you said yes to one of these – It’s all good here. You are in a no judgement zone. Be you and be proud of yourself.

What To Expect

Shoot Preparation:

When your booking is confirmed you will received an email from Muddy Flowers Boudoir filled with useful information to help you get the best experience from your photo shoot. You will also have a phone consultation before your shoot to discuss outfits and walk you through any nerves you may have, this also gives us an opportunity to answer any questions you have prior to your special boudoir photo shoot.

Day Of Photo Shoot:

It’s totally normal to have tons of emotions running high on the day of your boudoir photo shoot. Don’t worry we are here to help you sort through your feelings. It’s part of our job to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Your session will begin with hair and makeup who will have an outline from our phone consultation. You will be able to express what you want from your stylist very easily. If you have any photos that inspire you feel free to send them to us ahead of time to add to your outline.

Once you have gotten all dolled up we will go through the outfits you have brought to the photo shoot. If you aren’t sure about your choices we may have a few options on hand for you to consider. Next, we will go over the poses and expressions for your photos. We will spend a lot of time laughing, sharing stories and enjoying the moment. I’m pretty sure you will leave feeling more confident, empowered and absolutely gorgeous.

After The Photo Shoot:

You will have a boudoir photo reveal day. This is when you sit down to look at your 50 amazing images and decide which ones you want to go along with the products you have in your package. If you want to purchase additional items outside of your package we are more than happy to walk you through which ones would work well within your budget. All our packages we offer are the total cost as seen on the pricing page. Extra items will be in addition to your total cost.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are thankful you are interested in working with Muddy Flowers Boudoir Photography. xoxo