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Hello & Thank you for checking out Muddy Flowers! My name is Kelly and I’m excited you are here!! I have always loved photography and honestly, I love all things artistic. I really like expressing myself through any type of creative outlet. 

I started Muddy Flowers as a way to reach other women who have been on a self-care/self-love journey like myself. It took me years to see myself as a beautiful woman – inside & out. I am thrilled to join you no matter where you are or where you’ve been. I believe the past is behind us and we as women have the power to shape our today and tomorrow to be full of joy, strength, and beauty. xoxo #beYOUtiful

You Get One Life - Live It To The Fullest

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Is Boudoir Photography For You

There are so many reasons to have a boudoir photo shoot, many brides have a boudoir shoot to give to their grooms on the morning or evening of their wedding day. Perhaps, you are getting your confidence back after a divorce, maybe you want to feel beautiful again after surgery. Or like me, you are learning to love who you are after being mistreated. There are so many reasons why a boudoir photo shoot is a perfect option for you.

Many women feel very empowered after they have a boudoir photo shoot, which stays with them afterward, allowing them to feel more powerful because they have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone. It’s also a very intimate healing process for those who have suffered pain. It can be scary at first, but I will be there to hold your hand and listen to you as I capture precious moments behind the camera. It’s about you. It’s about your story.

It can also be something to do just for fun! You don’t have to have gone through hard times to justify a boudoir photo shoot. Sometimes we as women lose our sexy in our day to day lives of marriage, kids, stress, work, hockey, etc. I know first hand being married with seven kids life can be extremely demanding. The yoga pants and messy bun is my signature look! Let’s face it, we have a lot to deal with especially from the media throwing what we are “suppose” to look like, so many women are left drowning in self-doubt. I want to help you change that perception. Women are sexy and smart, as well as powerful.

None of us are perfect, we are all unique with our own flaws. I’ve heard the famous line “I will have a boudoir photo shoot when I lose weight.” (What the heck – I’ve even said it when I did my boudoir photo shoot!), but honestly I’m not shooting your weight, I’m shooting the beautiful person that you are, at this stage of your life. I notice mothers beating themselves up because they can’t accept their ever-changing bodies. Guess what – Muddy (is the hot mess of our lives) and the Flowers (is the beauty that shines through it all). I believe you are beautiful no matter how much muddy you carry and that’s the truth.

The Studio

Muddy Flowers Boudoir is located in the North Loop of Minneapolis. Our private studio offers stunning tall ceilings, beautiful brick, and original hardwood floors. Also, we provide a full client closet with sizes x-small through 3xl for you to play dress-up!

Book a session and come see it all for yourself xoxo

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I Love To Work With Fashion Brands And Passionate People.