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7 Tips That Help Make Your Boudoir Session Feel Comfortable

If someone would tell you that you are going to strip down and be covered only by a bathing suit (or less!) and a professional photographer (basically a stranger to you) would take photos of your vulnerable state, how comfortable would you be? It’s completely normal to feel unsure about baring yourself to others.

The comparison game is strong in our culture and as women we tend to fall into that game rather than stand strong against it. Critiquing ourselves comes easy to all of us, judging ourselves, our talents, jobs, styles, and most of all our bodies. We need to stop listening to what our society and media says is acceptable and beautiful for women. We need to stand together as winners no matter what we look like.

Kelly and I know what it’s like to fight against this every single day. We have been good friends for years and our friendship is strong because we encourage and build one another up with love. We want each one of our boudoir sessions to do the same thing for every client. We know you’ll come into your session a little shy (that’s OK), however we hope that throughout our time together you will gain confidence, feel comfortable and leave with your head held high believing that you’re the gorgeous person you are. 

To help you see through the doubt here’s 7 tips that will help make your boudoir session feel comfortable.

"When You Start Seeing Your Worth, You'll Find It Harder To Stay Around People Who Don't."

- unknown -

Muddy Flowers Boudoir – Tips To Help You Feel Comfortable During Your Boudoir Photoshoot:

1. Find 2-3 outfits that you feel HOT wearing. If you’re comfortable in your outfits, that will show on camera. From comfy sweats with a sports bra to lingerie, heels, or handcuffs, if you love it – we do, too!

2. Get to know us! We are fun and we love what we do. We are goofy, dorky, and we are real. We don’t mind the uncomfortable and we work together to make the uncomfortable, the new comfortable. We strive to get to know you before your photoshoot so we can capture your personality in every frame Kelly shoots of you. You can follow us on social media to get a head start #MuddyFlowersBoudoir 🙂

3. Be honest and real! Tell us if something makes you uncomfortable or if we’re not getting the shots that you are hoping to have during your session.

4. Come to the studio a little early to just hang out and get a feel for our environment. We are in no rush, so don’t feel like you have to be either.

5. Bring your relaxing beverage of choice. Wither that’s your favorite tea, a hot cup of coffee, or perhaps you would like a shot glass of tequila to shake off the nerves?! Whatever will help you to loosen up and have fun.

6. Play a role. Sometimes dressing up and being someone else brings out inner confidence – try it, you never know!

7. And lastly, get that negative talk out of your mind; believe in yourself. You ARE gorgeous, you deserve to see yourself through our eyes. You DESERVE to heal and you are WORTH having a boudoir session with Muddy Flowers.

We look forward to seeing you at the studio – xoxo Elisabeth

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